CultureED is an online platform that educates Nigerians immigrates traveling overseas and Foreigners coming to Nigeria about the Values, Principles, Laws and Culture of what is expected in Overseas Countries such as USA, China, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Italy, South Africa, Australia, France, Norway, Morocco, Cambodia, Spain, Libya, Switzerland and Nigeria.

We Strongly believe that CultureED will create the platform to educate Nigerians immigrates traveling overseas on what is expected about the Dos and Donts of Foreign countries and culture and will equip them with the relevant information of the acceptable code of conduct expected by foreign government with emphasis on the United Kingdom, Unites States of America, Middle East, China, Italy, South Africa, Canada and Australia from legal immigrant to prevent them from common pitfalls that befall our Citizens in foreign land.

foreigners coming into Nigeria, CultureED will provide you the right platform on the Dos and Donts about the Nigerian Culture, Places you can visit and not visit, risk areas etc


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